Company Background

Enterprise Childcare is a registered charity and  aims to improve the lives of children and their families by putting their needs at the centre of service delivery by striving for continuous improvement, using good practice models, delivering child-centred provision in partnership with parents and carers and supporting the development of its Trustees, employees and volunteers.

Strategic Objectives 

Enterprise Childcare aims to be one of the leaders in the social enterprise sector. Established in 1991, it provides high quality, flexible childcare support, in community based venues, to improve the lives of parents & carers and their children in Inverclyde and surrounding areas, with funding obtained from self-generated funds, grants and prudent financial management.

Financial Performance 2016-2017 

Information  about our most recent performance can be found here Annual Report 2016-2017

Safeguarding Children Policy

At Enterprise Childcare we work strictly to ensure that the Safeguarding Children Policy is followed at all times.