Kidz Fun Club – Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we take childcare vouchers?

Yes, we take a variety of vouchers, contact our main office for further information.

How do I check my outstanding balance?

Contact the main office for details.

Can I pay my balance online?

You can pay your balance using online banking. Contact the office for our bank details on: 01475 745552/744404

Can my child/children visit the KFC venue before they attend?

Parents are encouraged to visit the venue with their child/children prior to the start date to allow the children to meet the staff and allow to Parents to ask any questions they wish.

Can I book a place online?

Forms can be downloaded from the website and emailed to the main office who will confirm availability.

Do I need to register again for Kidz Fun Club in August/start of new term?

Yes, you will be asked to complete a re-registration form at the end of June each year.

When are the holiday care forms available?

The holiday care forms are available 6 weeks prior to holiday care. however, we may book your holiday care at any time throughout the year.

Do you provide opportunities for homework during KFC?

A table is available at the venues for the children and young people wishing to do their homework. Staff will try to be on hand to give support if required however, this may not always be possible due to other activities going on within the setting. Staff will encourage the children/young people to do their homework but it is up to the child if they choose to do so.

What activities are available?

We offer a range of play/sports/arts activities everyday and involve the children in choosing what they would like to do. Themed activities are also part of the programme. The programme offers fun, choice and the opportunities to form and maintain friendships. The programme is on display each week at the settings.

Do we provide a snack?

Snack is provided at each of the venues on a daily basis.
The children and young people have access to a well-balanced and healthy diet (were
food is provided) which takes into account ethnic, cultural and dietary requirements
including food allergies. During Holiday Care morning and afternoon snacks are
provided, a packed lunch should be supplied by parents when children are in full
day care, any hot food must be supplied in a flask.