Pre3+ Early Learning & Childcare Centre – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to the nursery for my baby/toddler?

You will need to bring nappies, wipes and a change of clothes, medication (if required), comforters and suitable outdoor footwear.

What happens if my child will not settle?

Parents are advised to allow for a settling period for their child at the nursery, this will involve bringing your child in for a short period before their first day and staying with them to help them settle.

The staff team are qualified and very experienced in working with children under 3 years. Staff will not let a child become distressed. Parents maybe asked to come back to the nursery if a child does not settle.

There is a viewing panel from the office area and the nursery welcomes calls from parents anytime during the day, if they wish to check how their child is doing.

Do you provide food?

The nursery does not supply lunches at this time, therefore, Parents are required to bring a packed lunch. Hot foods need to be prepared in advance and brought in flasks. The nursery has a Healthy Eating Policy in place and a helpful leaflet is available on healthy lunches for children. We provide snacks and milk during the day.which takes into account ethnic, cultural and dietary requirements. The snack menu is on display in the nursery.

What happens if any child requires medication?

You will be given guidance on the paperwork which needs to be completed before we can administer any prescribed or non-prescribed medication to your child.

Will I be able to visit the Pre3+ Early Learning & Children Centre?

The nursery holds open days which allows Parents to bring allow their children. Parents are encouraged to visit with their child prior to their first day at the nursery to allow them time to settle.

Will my child have a Keyworker?

The children choose their Keyworker as a natural bond forms over the first few weeks. Parents will be informed of their child’s choice when this has been done.

Will I have the opportunity to see what my child does in the nursery?

Parents are given a daily account of what their child has done in the nursery including the activities, eating and sleeping. Children’s Plans are on view for parents to look at and discuss. We hold parent consultations to discuss a child’s achievements and developments. Profile can be viewed at anytime.

How do I know the Pre3+ Early Learning & Childcare Centre is a quality childcare provision?

The Pre3+ EL&CC is inspected by the Care Inspectorate. We have continuously gained very good gradings. You are able to view this information on the Care Inspectorate website and a copy of the report is available to see at the nursery at anytime.