Register Now – Pre 3+ Early Learning & Childcare Centre (EL&CC)

If you are interested in a place for your child at the Pre3+ EL&CC, please contact us to discuss your requirements. To contact the centre directly call: 01475 793500.

Help with childcare costs
You may be eligible for help with your Childcare costs from the Inland Revenue, please contact them for advice.   College and University students  maybe eligible for financial support from their college or university, please contact them directly  for more information. Further advice for parents returning to work is provided available from  Financial Fitness.

Students please note:

  1. Childcare places can only be considered when students  who are being funded by the college or university  are in receipt  of their  letter of award for their childcare places
  2. Childcare places can only be confirmed when college students confirm their college timetable.


Click on the forms below,  to enrol and a place at the Pre3+ EL&CC

Enrolment Form Pre3 2018

Booking Form Pre 3 Private Customers 2018-2019

Booking Form Pre 3 Students 2018

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