Mobile Creche

Our Mobile Crèche service provides a ‘one-stop shop’, safe and fun service for organisations, agencies and their clients working in the community. We provide qualified childcare staff, all resources and equipment and the necessary insurance to provide adhoc, or longer term childcare support for courses, classes or events.

Why should I have a Mobile Creche? 

 Having a mobile crèche increases the attendance rates at your events.

 Parents and Carers can fully participate, knowing that their children are in safe hands.

  • We can adapt our crèche to a variety of spaces including sports centres, church halls and community halls.
  • Our staff have a wealth of experience, particularly with very young children.
  • Our services suited to all ages and abilities


The Mobile Creche service was rated Excellent  in all categories by the Care Commission Nos CS2003004076.

Previous Service Users

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For your convenience, you may download a copy of the crèche guidelines.Creche guidelines – May 2018